What is Buteyko for Kids?

The Buteyko Method is a drug free and scientifically proven approach, that children all over the world have been taught since the 1950s, to overcome even serious chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, ADD, eczema, eating, sleeping disorders and more …

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About Buteyko …

The Buteyko Method was discovered in the 1950′s by a Russian medical scientist named Professor K.P. Buteyko. Professor Buteyko’s exhaustive research, led him to the conclusion that several hundred chronic diseases could be scientifically explained as a consequence of habitually breathing above the physiologically recommended norm (over-ventalation).

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Is your child not doing as well as they could, because they can’t sit still and concentrate? Does your child have asthma, allergies, ADD, frequent colds and flu, eczema, weight or sleep problems? Is there a better way than toxic medications?

Since the 1950s, children all over the world have been taught a drug free approach to overcome even serious chronic conditions with a natural, scientifically proven approach known as the Buteyko Method.

After two weeks I was starting to feel better. After 4 weeks I was able to do swimming and ballet again and after 8 weeks I was doing almost all my sports and I don’t feel left out anymore.

—Ellie Thomas, 7 Years, chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer

I have had migraines and bad headaches since I was around 11 years old. Buteyko has got rid of them. The pills from the doctor helped a bit but this has helped more.

—Raphi Anderson, 16 years, headaches and migraine sufferer

I have had asthma on and off since I was 6 years old and have been in hospital with it a couple of times. Buteyko has helped a lot, since using the practice I haven’t had a serious attack. I don’t really have it anymore.

—Bonnie Anderson, 18 years, asthma sufferer

I have not needed to use my asthma medication since the second day of the workshop. I am sleeping well and eating less sugar. I am also calmer in social and family situations.

—Hugo Lee, asthma sufferer

“After teaching science to children and young adults for 20 years, I like most teachers, have observed average attention spans decline, a vastly higher incidence of asthma, illness, obesity and behavioral problems, along with a deterioration in athleticism, physique and robustness. I have seen the above problems consistently reverse through practicing Buteyko’s Method and urge all parents, teachers and authorities to become familiar with this practical and effective approach to improve the health of our next generation.”

Martha Roe, Associate Practitioner, IAOBP (London)
Principal Practitioner, Buteyko for Kids

About Us and Our Workshops

We are a group of Buteyko Practitioners that hold workshops (online and at locations) for children, in which they learn Buteyko’s Classical approach for reversing common chronic ailments like asthma, allergies and many chronic health problems. Workshops are usually held for 1-2 hours per day over 5 days with ongoing follow up for another 2-3 weeks, depending upon requirements. Feel free to be in contact for a free consultation and details of proposed online and located workshops.

Instructors and Practitioners

Instructors and practitioners in the Buteyko for Kids program operate under supervision of the International Association of Buteyko Practitioners (IAOBP), the most authoritative Buteyko organization in the world. Their aim is to provide the best results possible using the Classical Buteyko Method and are listed as members of the IAOBP.

They conduct workshops and private training throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia.

‘Buteyko for Kids’ is a division of Learn Buteyko Ltd, 29 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QR